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Messages From the Principal
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    The students in the school should have good conduct, that is, the student should have good habits , healthy bodies and strong minds, proper behavior and be unique. They should do the things as follows:

    First, join an association or a club at least.

    Second, form a good habit of working out and participate in sports actively.

    Third, foster one’s artistic temperament and play one musical instrument at least or have certain artistic background.

    Fourth, master at least one craft such as sculpture, papercraft, bamboo weaving, carpentry and so on.

    Fifth, have a good writing and learn Chinese calligraghy.

    Sixth, foster and train one’s language communicating skills and make a passionate speech in your class in the three years of studying in the high school.

    Seventh, publish an article at least and contribute to the literary publications Green Chinese wisteria and Chongzhou Daily ,which will become a milestone and best memory and in one’s study life.

    Eighth, be kind and open-minded and impartial and learn to be grateful and helpful.

    Ninth, read at least 60 books in many fields and comprehend them.

    Tenth, do a job for one month in your summer or winter holiday ,or do some farm work, or travel once safely to experience the life and get close to nature.


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