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School News

·Chongqing Middle School welcomed the visitors from Hipeng Middle Sc... (2018-04-13)
· Guests from Far Eastern Federal University of Russia visit Chongq... (2018-05-02)
·The 8th academic annual conference was held in Chongqing Middle Sch... (2018-04-09)
·Art festival opening in Chongqing middle school (2015-12-30)
·The colloquium of elite school alliance in Chengdu held in our scho... (2018-04-09)

·The inspection of Deputy Director General of Education Bureau in Ch... (2018-04-09)
·The visit of the leadership of Education Bureau and the teachers of... (2018-04-09)
·The inspection of Secretary Xuedong Liao (2018-04-09)
·The school opening ceremony held (2018-04-09)
·Hundred-year pursuit of dream,thousand-mile cheer of wind (2016-09-13)

·Principal Qin Zhiwei awarded the model worker in Chengdu (2015-04-29)
·Chongqing middle school subject contest (2015-12-30)
·Nuclear Experts Visited Chongqing High School and Made a Wonderful ... (2015-05-15)
·test (2015-04-30)
·"Sun class elite gathered in Chongzhou national curriculum ref... (2015-04-29)

·Highlights of “Elite Schools’ Demonstration of Efficient Classroo... (2015-04-29)
·The school Wushu team won gold and silver medals in the 13th HK Wus... (2015-04-29)
·The school launched the social practice of mock court (2015-04-29)
·One of the first batch of 40 internationalization education window... (2015-04-29)
·Senior High School Entrance Physical Examination in Chongqing High ... (2015-04-29)