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Art festival opening in Chongqing middle school
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On September 12, with the "12.9" activity of Memorial Lecture held, Chongqing middle school opened the annual festival of Arts and culture.
The culture and Arts Festival contains the "12.9" speech, the forty-fourth track and field games, the traditional student flea market, the results show that the  art students, teachers sports game, teachers' union organization projects and other activities.

At the "12.9" speech meeting, vice president He Li reading "Snow", will be the climax of the speech activity.

Opening Movement make people think of popular Halloween Parade in South America. Each class regiment from dress, modeling, slogans and to full of youthful vitality of the performance, to drive the chill in the Chengdu Plain  disappeared without a trace.
The students will organize a flea market for sale, a superb collection of beautiful things. The students enjoy the business, and will return what they earn into the school the neediest cases fund.
To attend the performance report of the experimental class of art student and in recognition of the general assembly, the parents of the students are also invited. There are all kinds of talent show and commendation alternately.Exciting activities will also appear one after another.
This festival will last for almost one month,which is a show of Chongqing middle school art education achievement




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